Art can also be of therapeutic benefit to the artist himself.

In these paintings Tamara Starl-Latour deals with sorrow, wounds and trauma where life might harm the soul.

The soul is a far field. The great issues may become trivial, the trivial ones overpowering: a strong desire to shop, a silent scream, disgust of chicken or fear of death, traumatic experiences in childhood or stepping into the greatuncle's well known self portrait – for self reflection.

Mahlzeit Herr Werkner<br>(Hühnerphobie)<br><br>1987<br>Acryl / Leinen<br>120 x 80 cm

Ursulinen<br><br>1988<br>Acryl / Leinen<br>100 x 70 cm

Pleased to meet you: <br>Treffen mit dem Verstorbenen in seinem Selbstportrait<br>(Max Kurzweil – Grossonkel, Maler und Sezessionist, gestorben 1916 – und die Künstlerin)<br><br>2008<br>Arcyl / Leinen<br>130 x 100 cm

Aufbruch<br><br>1985<br>Acryl / Leinen<br>160 x 100 cm