In 1970, U.S.A., the artist developed this painting category. It was called "Soft Canvas Painting" then. Today Tamara Starl-Latour refers to „my soft paintings“.

At the beginning there was a dream: colours, form and material moved out of the restricting wooden frame towards the artist...
So she took big rolls of linen, throwing them, fixing, painting and cutting them in an alternating process. The outer lines were defined in the end. The paintings are soft, therefore form and interpretation may vary: on the wall- on trees in the woods- on gravel and sand.

Die Braut (XIV)<br><br>1971<br>Acryl / Leinen<br>267 x 80 x x cm     Die Braut thronend (XIV)<br><br>1971<br>Acryl / Leinen<br>267 x 80 x x cm
an der Wand                      thronend auf einem Stuhl

So the paintings seamed to be rather „ strange beings“, washed ashore, they were shown besides the Delaware River, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.

Back in Vienna the befriended artist Franz West came ever so often to „copy a bit“.